5. Benefits of using Kali Linux?

21 April

5. Benefits of using Kali Linux?

  1. Advanced Penetration Testing tools.In the Kali Linux, more than 600+ super amazing advanced Penetration’ Testing tools are incorporated. The tools of BackTrack Linux which are not up to the mark or repeated in many ways has been replaced in the Kali Linux system with the advanced Penetration testing tools.
  2. Ultimate free Linux tool.The Kali Linux system is totally free like the BackTrack Linux and will always offer their users the free life time services. This is huge plus factor which forces people to use this system.
  3. Open sourced Git tree.This Kali Linux is openly sourced system and can be easily accessed by the users. All the codes in the Kali Linux can be viewed easily by the anyone and the open development tree makes easy to view the development of coding at every step.
  4. FHS support.Kali adheres to the File-system Hierarchy Standard, allowing Linux users to easily locate binaries, support files, libraries, etc. This is the very important feature of the Kali Linux that makes it stand out among the other Linux systems.

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